A Stylish Charity Fashion Event with the American Club Foundation

Sustainably Stylish Charity Fashion Event


Last week, we collaborated with the American Club Foundation HK on promoting circular fashion by donating clothing items to the stylish charity fashion event “Sip, Style & Shop”, which was organised to raise funds for their 2023 Charity Partners: ImpactHK, Chatteris Educational Foundation and RUNHK. Other vendors included Niin, Naked Labs, The Hula and more.


This was ACF's first ever sustainably stylish charity fashion event!


Thanks to everyone who joined, the event saved around 2000 items from Hong Kong’s landfills, as well as raised HKD$220,000 for ACFHK’s 2023 Charity Partners! Committee members used this momentum to organise another sale over the weekend for helpers and drivers, which raised another HKD$20,000. All unsold items were sent to RUNHK and Friends of the Earth. Fantastic work and we can’t wait to do this all again next year, bigger and better!

Sip, Shop and Style with the American Club Foundation

The American Club Foundation was established in 2019 to help create a caring, sustainable and more equitable Hong Kong. They work to fund, guide and support communities in Hong Kong through grants, volunteering and education. Whether it’s to join their events, volunteer, or donate, get involved here.

Why circular shopping?

Fashion is one of the largest contributors to global waste and microplastics in the ocean. If you love clothes, fashion and styling as much as us, this knowledge can be difficult to bear. Luckily, there are many ways to get circular with your consumption. Not only can you extend a product’s life cycle and keep it out of landfills by renting your outfits AND listing your luxury items for rental from platforms like Style Carousel, you can donate them, or re-purpose them. Struggling with how to start? Book a wardrobe detox with us. Get your friends involved for double the sustainability! 


Making fashion circular creates better products for customers with longevity in mind, regenerates our environment, and creates plenty of opportunity for growth in the fashion industry. We all have to contribute; start doing better today for a better tomorrow.