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HK$ 1,188 /


每月獲得3點積分。可租Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci ,Bottega Veneta等設計師禮服、服裝、手袋及首飾等

+ 使用積分額外尊享66折積分優惠


+ 積分可立即使用

+ 可保留未使用的積分

+ 免費送貨及退貨

+ 已包括乾洗服務

+ 免費替換

+ 對你及地球都是一個更好的選擇




尊貴的會員可享有更多StylePass優惠,如:提升額外積分,免費續延, 獨家禮遇, 會員特賣及在StyleLounge有更多產品預覽










我們堅持最高的標準我們會向各精品店,設計師及貨方作出嚴謹核實。已確保提供正品予客戶每件物品在送達之前都已獲得核實及Style Carouse的保證










What is StylePass?

StylePass is an all-access designer style membership that gives insiders complete style freedom book from thousands of curated items every month for a set fee. StylePass members receive 3 Credits every month to save or enjoy. Members can view their ‘Credit Balance’ and benefits from their dashboard at anytime.


In addition to free shipping and returns, complimentary exchanges and dry-cleaning, our most loyal members are offered access to StyleLounge benefits including complimentary renewals, gift Credits, expedited courier service, insider savings and more. 

How does Style Carousel work?

Style Carousel is a designer fashion booking and styling service in Hong Kong. It offers women an ultra convenient way to browse collections of luxury clothing, handbag and accessory rentals that can be booked at a moment’s notice.


Style Carousel provides clothing, accessory, and handbag rentals for every occasion from casual day and workwear to party and formal wear including bridal-wear, wedding guest outfits, cheongsams and evening gowns. When women book from Style Carousel they benefit from express delivery to their homes or offices, unlimited exchanges and complimentary collections of their return orders.

When can I start using my StylePass?

You can start using your StylePass today and book your favourite styles! Once you sign-up, Credits are automatically added to your account.

Do I need to have a StylePass to book with Style Carousel?

No, you do not need to have a StylePass to book designer rentals with Style Carousel, although it is the most beneficial way to book on the platform.


When adding items to bag or at checkout, simply choose to book as a One-Time purchase to enjoy your weekly rental at $600 / Credit.

How much does StylePass cost?

StylePass is running on a spring sale now at just $1,188 for a limited time. Once you have signed up for your first StylePass, you may be eligible to access upgrades, complimentary Credits and other StyleLounge benefits only available to StylePass members.


After your first 90 days you will be able to access 50% off all bookings as a part of our loyalty program at no additional cost.

Can I try items on prior to my event?

Yes, you may try on as many different items as you like in the comfort of your own home. Simply place an order to checkout and rent each item as usual. After you’ve tried them on, ensure the tags remain intact and return those unworn items for a refund to your account using any of our complimentary return options in accordance with our ‘Refund & Exchange Policy’. Once you are ready to wear the item, you may place a Rental Order for that item again if it is available.

Can I alter my rental?

While permanent alterations are not allowed, you may, at your own risk, use temporary alteration tape or have temporary alterations made to your rental by a professional, just make sure you have the alterations removed before you return the rental to us. Please note that you remain responsible for any damage caused to the item.

How do I get a refund if my piece doesn't fit?

With StylePass, exchanges are complimentary. We only want you to wear what you love! If you’re unhappy with your rental or it doesn’t fit, simply return your items to us in accordance with our exchange policy below and book out something else to rent!

Style Carousel Refund & Exchange Policy

i. Kindly submit your Refund Request within 24 hours of receiving an item.

ii. Schedule your return collection or drop off your return using any of our return options by your originally scheduled Return Date. All pieces must be returned in the original condition they were received with all applicable tags and packaging, otherwise, your request may not be accepted.

iii. Once we have processed your return, you will be refunded the rental fee in accordance with our ‘Credits Policy’. Your refunded Credits will be automatically applied to your ‘Credit Balance’ which you can view in your account dashboard. Use your refunded Credits within 28 days from your initial order’s Start Date.

What is your Refund and Exchange Policy?

Style Carousel Refund & Exchange Policy

Only wear what you love! How to return an unworn item for a refund:

i. Kindly submit your Refund Request within 24 hours of receiving an item.

ii. Schedule your return collection or drop off your return using any of our return options by your originally scheduled Return Date. All pieces must be returned in the original condition they were received with all applicable tags and packaging, otherwise, your request may not be accepted.

iii. Once we have processed your return, you will be refunded the rental fee in accordance with our ‘Credits Policy’. Your refunded Credits will be automatically applied to your ‘Credit Balance’ which you can view in your account dashboard. Use your refunded Credits within 28 days from your initial order’s Start Date.

When will I be eligible to upgrade my StylePass?

After signing up for StylePass and booking on the platform you may upgrade your status to unlock exclusive discounts, rewards and additional benefits. You will be notified of your eligibility so be sure to keep your contact details in your account up to date so you don’t miss your chance!

What brands are available to book on Style Carousel?

We offer a robust and growing list of over 100 brands to book from on Style Carousel. See our full list of curated brands here. Don’t see the brands you want to book, let us know here.

How does Style Carousel commit to environmental sustainability?

We take sustainability as seriously as getting you the right style to suit all your life’s special moments. Here are a few ways we have committed to sustainability.

+ Booking is Better Than Buying: The average carbon footprint for someone based in Hong Kong is approximately 13 tonnes per year, that’s about three times larger than the global average. And shockingly, 39% of Hong Kongers throw away clothes after wearing them just once. With social media giving users the chance to flaunt and explore new looks, different styles are sought after for every occasion. That’s why at Style Carousel we aim to offer a more sustainable alternative. By offering a growing, curated and chic closet of designer clothing, we provide women in Hong Kong a sustainable way to update their wardrobe seasonally to fit in with the latest trends without harming the planet.

+ We Curate Our Partners Just Like Our Style: We work with designers, boutiques and other verified lenders who share our vision and are committed to improving their sustainability performance. We’re committed to prolonging the life of clothes, bags and other fashion items on our platform and repurposing under-utilised inventory that would otherwise be sent to the landfill or incinerated.

+ Seek to Understand & Measure Our Impact: We are working to integrate technology with our platform that provides a comparative assessment on each product’s lifecycle with what it would be if it had been purchased or thrown away/incinerated.

+ Drive Awareness: We are passionate about driving awareness about climate change and sustainability and the role we all play in saving the planet for future generations. Check out our latest in sustainable style with our publication StylePrint, follow up on Instagram to hear about the latest tips to live more sustainably, and stay tuned for updates to our platform where you can be the first to know about how you can improve your fashion carbon footprint with our marketplace.

+ Reward Action: We reward the sustainable actions of our clients with exclusive offers on our platform.

+ Embrace Circularity: After a product has lived its life on our platform, we look to repurpose or up-cycle that product where possible.

+ Report, Reassess, Reimagine: We believe that what doesn’t get measured doesn’t improve. We’re committed to understanding the hard facts about our collective impacts, sharing that data with our partners and clients, and always re-assessing our strategies and re-imagining them to be better when needed.

How does Style Carousel ensure cleanliness?

Your health and your safety are our top priority. Garments are high-temp sanatised before dispatch. Upon return to our warehouse, we carefully clean and inspect each item, the standards of which are maintained at the highest levels. We also offer complimentary contactless delivery options. Professional repair and cleaning processes are carried out by our partner specialists where appropriate to ensure the best results are consistently achieved to the highest standards. Click here to learn more about our response to Covid-19.

What are Credits?

Credits are what you use to book designer pieces on Style Carousel. Designer pieces have different Credit rates, which are priced based on a number of factors. Most are valued at 1 Credit each to ensure the maximum value for you, with exclusive pieces available from 5 Credits. If you’re running low on Credits, you can always add more. You can choose use your Credits however you like. You can use them right away, save them for future use or top-up with more Credits. Top-up Credits are automatically added at checkout if needed. As a StylePass member, your discount for these additional Credits will be automatically applied for your convenience.

How are Credit values assigned to pieces?

Credit values are assigned according to a number of factors, including:

+ Retail price of the designer piece

+ Exclusivity of brand or piece

+ Trendiness of the piece

+ Seasonality

+ Vintage status

+ Popularity of the piece on Style Carousel

+ Promotional price

Most pieces on the site are available for 1 Credit per weekly rental, with more exclusive pieces available from 3 Credits.

How much does it cost to buy additional Credits?

Depending on your StylePass tier, you can purchase additional Credits at a discount up to 60% off the One-Time price. With StylePass, you may also keep your bookings for longer than the initial rental period at your StylePass member price and upgrade to receive complimentary Credits by visiting the StyleLounge. These benefits will vary depending on your StylePass tier. So go ahead and keep those stylish looks for as long as you need!

Are Credits better value with StylePass?

Yes. With StylePass, you will receive a more favourable price on Credits and you will also have access to StylePass only sales and other promotions. Even when you’re topping up your Credits, as a StylePass insider you will have the assurance that you’re getting the best price for your loyalty to our style community!

How do I buy more Credits?

There are multiple ways you can buy Credits:

1. Purchase a recurring StylePass: Style insiders who use StylePass get advantageous pricing on Credits, are provided exclusive access to StyleLounge benefits and more! Learn more about our StylePass here.

2. Top-up: If you don’t have enough credits to book a specific look, top-up credits are automatically added to your bag at checkout to the exact number of Credits needed.

3. Stock up on sale Credits: Occasionally, Credits will go on sale. At that time, you can choose to purchase Credits in bulk! These promotions will be sent out exclusively to our StylePass members, so sign-up today to get in the know.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, there is nothing better than receiving a stylishly thoughtful and sustainable gift from Style Carousel. Simply visit the StyleLounge to purchase gift cards for friends or treat yourself to some extra style Credits!

Can I save my Credits for future bookings?

Absolutely! If you don’t use all of your Credits within a month, you have nothing to worry about. Unused credits roll over for as long as a year from the date of issue for StylePass members. So you can save up for that special event if you’re able to keep yourself from spending them all at once. You can conveniently view your Credit balance on your personal dashboard along with other useful information such as your order history, status and tracking.

What if I damage the item?

In the rare case that you do damage your item during, the ‘Rental Protection’ that comes with your booking also covers cleaning and minor repairs from normal wear and tear up to $200. All other repair, cleaning or restoration costs beyond this will be your responsibility. In certain cases of serious or irreparable damage, you may be charged the sale price. StylePass members receive exclusive sale pricing of up to 90% off the original value depending on their status level.

Am I able to purchase rental items?

Rental items are available for purchase through the Platform. If you absolutely love the item and decide not to return it, you will be charged the item’s sale price, after which you may keep the item on an ‘as is’ basis. StylePass members receive exclusive sale pricing depending on their status level of up to 90% off the Original Value.

How long can I reserve a piece for?

Our rental prices are based on weekly (7-day) bookings. Rental Start Dates and Return Dates are selected by you at checkout. Renewals are easy and your rental is automatically extended for you at the discounted member price of up to 60% off depending on your StylePass tier. Style Carousel does not offer shorter rental periods at this time. We always suggest setting a rental Start Date that is at least 2 days prior to your event.

How do I cancel my StylePass?

You may pause or cancel your StylePass anytime by completing this form. It is free to cancel anytime for monthly StylePass members and anytime after your initial StylePass cycle for all other members.

*Have more questions? Check out our complete FAQ here